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The Many Uses Of Custom Zipper Pouches

Zipper pouches are everywhere in our everyday lives, especially in the kitchen! They are found in pantries, freezers, refrigerators, spice cabinets and bread baskets. Less recognizable, they are in our garages as packaging for lawn chemicals, garden fertilizers and pool chemicals.  Some consumers get creative and use them as electronics carriers, cosmetic bags, first aid kits or as a place to organize important documents or receipts. Custom zipper pouches are extremely versatile flexible packages and their uses in the household are widely varied and continue to grow..

Zipper pouches can be customized to meet your specific needs. The customization of zipper pouches can include adding hang holes and tear notches, or using a tamper evident design, each of which yields different advantages for your packaging needs.

In the Kitchen

In any grocery aisle, zipper pouches are taking over most of the shelves. As an easy-to-use, convenient packaging option, these zipper pouches help consumers in a myriad of scenarios. Reclosable pouches are placed in our freezers, refrigerators and pantries for because they allow easy access and reclosure during multiple uses. Prolonged freshness was not a typical benefit in the past due to the lack of a zipper in basic polyethylene packaging , or even the use of a small cardboard box.  Now, it is very much a reality with zipper pouches. Custom zipper pouches keep dry foods dry, moist foods moist and protect frozen foods from experiencing freezer burn.  The materials used to make the pouches are also required to meet stringent FDA standards.

The following applications are examples of popular uses of custom zipper pouches:

Frozen food

  • Frozen vegetables

  • Frozen meats

  • Frozen seafood

  • Frozen breakfast items

Refrigerated food

  • Deli meats and cheeses

  • Tortillas, naan and wraps

  • Prepared meals