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LPS Industries has been manufacturing custom packaging and hazmat placards for over 50 years and has built a reputation that fuels industry standards. Our commitment to DOT regulations means that your company will always remain in compliance and have access to the right hazmat placards for your load. Our products are durable, reliable, and won’t peel away during national or international transport.

Hazmat placards are diamond-shaped and measure 10.8″ on each side (273mm x 273mm). Made from removable vinyl, they include all relevant information for the type of hazardous goods that are being moved, including the hazard class number, UN/NA number, and compatibility letters, and they may include colors, words, or graphics as well. The goal is that one look at a trailer or container will allow immediate identification of the contents in order to carry out the appropriate emergency response. That said, hazardous material placards aren’t only for emergency responders; the general public has a right to know about hazardous materials that are being transported near them, and these hazmat placards provide accessible information to anyone at any time during the shipping process.

Hazmat placards provide transparent information about the type of cargo that is being transported at all stages of the transit process. The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires logistics companies and carriers to clearly display hazardous material placards any time that hazardous goods are being moved as they help emergency responders understand the dangers and potential risks when an accident occurs. LPS Industries manufactures hazardous material placards for logistics companies so that they can comply with DOT regulations and ensure the safety of their staff as well as the general public.

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