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Loc-Top Reclosable Zippered Bags

With over 200 sizes and several different styles in stock, our reclosable poly bags offer businesses a great way to store, display, and protect their product(s) while shipping. Once a product has been placed inside our zipper poly bags, you can rest assured our Loc-Top® zipper technology will keep the contents safe and secure until it has reached its destination. Easy to open and close and reseal and reuse, reclosable poly bags are excellent for shipping a wide variety of products. Ship anything from electronics, foods, and jewelry to clothing, small parts, and medical products.

Styles of Zipper Poly Bags for Shipping Materials

To increase the versatility of our zipper poly bags, and extend our support of our customers’ varying needs, we offer a variety of different styles. White block or write-on area bags are offered for those who need to label the contents of the bag before shipping. Specimen or biohazard zippered poly bags are offered to those in the medical industry. Punch hole reclosable poly bags are great for attaching extra notions (such as buttons) to certain garments. In addition to these popular styles, we also offer some unique reclosable poly bags with special features such as anti-static or static control. These are great for packaging items like ink products or electronics that are sensitive to static electricity.

Choose LPS Industries for Your Reclosable Poly Bags

Combining over 200 sizes with multiple styles and three different thicknesses, the possibilities for choosing your ideal reclosable poly bags for shipping from LPS Industries are nearly endless. Fitted with our Loc-Top® zipper technology, any style you choose will be perfect for shipping your products to their final destination. Dedicated to research and development, LPS Industries continues to place emphasis on developing the best products that meet the packaging needs of their customers.

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