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LPS Industries is a Leading Packaging Manufacturer Offering Several Options of Foil Pouch Packaging Products including Custom Preformed Pouches & Bags

Eye-catching custom preformed pouches or bags will help make your brand stand out while providing the protection your product needs and the convenient features that your customers are looking for. We’ll work with you to develop a unique solution to your product’s needs for shelf life, shelf appeal, functionality and creating a “wow” factor to differentiate your brand on the shelf.

The Benefits of LPS Industries as your Custom Preformed Pouches & Bag Manufacturer

  • ISO 9001:2015 quality certification

  • Decades of knowledge and experience with film, foil and paper laminates applied to your project

  • 8 color flexo printing, line or process, regular or hi-def

  • Dependable, consistent, reliable quality

  • Choice of seven press-to-close zipper profiles plus micro hook and loop closures

  • Selection of security and convenience features

  • Made in the USA

We are prepared to create a solution for you that is based on the highest level of quality and service, whether your need is for basic bags, specialty pouches or anything in between. Custom preformed barrier bags and pouches are available in a wide range of laminates – film-to-film (metalized or clear), paper/foil and film/foil.​

As a company that is committed to environmentally responsible practices, we are proud to offer 100% recyclable flexible packaging available as either flat bags or as a stand-up pouch, printed or clear. The special polyethylene used to produce the recyclable material has excellent MVTR and OTR ratings, meets FDA standards, has good contact clarity, holds and shows graphics well and the packaging is made with solar power.

VaporFlex® Foil Pouch Packaging Products

Ideal for one-time-use applications, such as protecting medical tests and devices, powdered drink mixes or single-serving snacks, custom VaporFlex® flat bags keep moisture and oxygen levels controlled at the level your product requires for optimum shelf life.


As flexible foil packaging manufacturers, we can engineer protection into the material to deliver a long shelf life, assuring the sensitive chemistry in medical tests is protected. All options in our selection of popular foil laminations used throughout the biotech industry are FDA DMF-registered. Made with a heat-sealable bottom for easy insertion of product, this packaging is designed to maintain the atmosphere that existed when your products were packaged.

Examples of popular applications for VaporFlex® Foil Pouch Packaging Products include:

  • Medical tests and devices

  • A variety of prepared and frozen foods

  • Snack mixes and nuts

  • Agri-chem

  • Lawn and garden

  • Pet foods and treats

Designed for custom preformed bags or pouches requiring both protection until initial opening and again between repeated access, these barrier pouches with Top-Loc® zippers are easy to use and deliver on the convenience factor customers are demanding.


In addition to the convenience of a zipper, other available features include tamper-evident construction, tear notches for easier opening and hang holes for mounting on pegs or hooks in a retail display. We extrude our own zipper to assure that every closure will perform as intended and bond securely to the inner layer of the pouch to maintain the integrity of the seal after each opening and closing. Talk with us about how we can help you generate a strong shelf image, enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales.

Foil Lined, Tape Closure Medical Mailers

Manufacturing Options Include:

  • Custom dimensions

  • Custom printing up to eight colors – interior and exterior



  • Any POC test that must be mailed to a reference lab, e.g., fecal occult blood, hepatitis C, HIV, etc.


Contact us to learn more about how our foil pouch packaging products can help you protect mailed samples while meeting USPS regulations.

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