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Custom Printing & Sizes

Custom printing, custom sizes. Custom PresQuick®.

Let LPS Industries, one of the largest leading manufacturers of pressure sensitive adhesive backed packing list envelopes with its PresQuick line of adhesive backed polyethylene envelopes, produce your own customized envelope.

Why choose LPS?

From our fully equipped, state of the art, 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in northern New Jersey, we can produce your envelopes completely in house, from artwork, plates and printing to production and packaging.

We have talented graphic artists to help you with design. We have a state of the art printing department using 8
color presses to produce stunning images.

We’ve been doing this for over 50 years. We’ve been doing something right!

While we have standard stock sizes of our adhesive backed envelopes, we can also customize the poly envelopes creating any size and graphic you might need.

We can ship from one of our four strategically located regional U.S.A. warehouses keeping freight costs low.

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