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Poly Bag Closures

Plastic or poly bags are especially popular when it comes to shipping products that vary in shape and size. Any products placed inside need to be secured for shipping, and the best way to ensure they stay safe and intact is to seal the bags with flexible packaging closures.

Types of Poly Bag Closures

At LPS Industries we offer many different types of poly mailer bags, and we also provide quality plastic bag closures to accompany them. Which type of closure will benefit you the best is dependent on which type of product will be placed inside, and whether the bag will need to be opened and closed frequently.

Bag Sealing Tape Dispenser

Poly Bag-Sealing Tape

You may have noticed that wire twist ties are used everywhere – well, it’s for good reason. Twists make an excellent bag closure for various reasons. Not only do they twist on easily within a few mere seconds, but they do so without puncturing the plastic bag. In addition, wire twist ties are perfect for products that need repeated accessibility as they can be twisted on and off numerous times in a row without losing any functionality.

Wire Twist Ties For Plastic Bags

Packaged in bags of 500, our wire twist ties are manufactured from 26-gauge single wire and coated in durable plastic. At 5/32” wide, they are thin enough to be discrete, but not too thin that they are finicky to use. Simply pinch your plastic bag at the top and twist the tie around it to secure the contents within.

Why Choose LPS Industries for Wire Twist Ties?

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