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Clear, Multi Purpose Gusseted Poly Bags

As an ISO Certified company, LPS Industries has been manufacturing a variety of flexible packaging – including gusset pouches – for over 50 years. Our modern production facilities and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that all our products boast the same level of high-quality standards. To this day, we distinguish ourselves from our competitors by providing our customers with access to a diversified product mix, multiple warehouse locations, in-house coating, and full-service printing and art departments. In addition to providing product quality, we also strive to deliver the best service and support to our customers.

Choose LPS Industries as Your Source for Gusseted Poly Bags

Any products placed in our gusseted plastic bags are protected from water and dust but remain visible through the clear poly. When compared to traditional non-gusseted bags, LPS Industries’ gusset pouches offer more flexibility with the two side gussets or pleats that add additional slack, accommodating larger, bulkier, or irregular-shaped products. These gusseted pouches also offer enough support for loose items such as candy, crafting products, or even screws to allow the package to stand upright on its own. Not only that, but these gusseted poly bags are also resistant to punctures or rips, enabling them to withstand most shipping wear and tear. When you’ve placed your products in our gusseted poly bags, to close the packaging and prepare for shipping, simply seal up the bag with tape, staples, or a heat sealer.

Benefits of Gusseted Plastic Bags

When packing bulky items or items that don’t pack well in a non-gusseted plastic bag, clear gusseted plastic bags offer the perfect solution. LPS Industries’ gusset pouches with side pleats are suited for a wide range of applications, including flexible packaging for bulky items as well as smaller items that require the package to stand upright.

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