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Wicketed Poly Bags

  • New Combo Bag/Poly Mailer Lines – Two new product lines of combo poly bag equipment that accommodates heavier material gauges, up to 8 mils.  Available closure options include press-to-seal zippers and tape closures while sealing options include hot knife and flat bar. This new equipment also provides high-speed wicketing capabilities.

  • New Flexo Printing Press –This allows for greater overall efficiency and print capability while ensuring continuity of operations.  Our new press can be used on a wide range of substrates and can print up to eight process colors. The additional printing capability can be incorporated with the combo bag/poly mailer machine to provide a creative, colorful and visually compelling graphics story.

Wicketed Poly Bags: Leveraging LPS Capabilities

Wicketed Poly Bags: The Benefits

Wicketed Poly Bags: The Technology

Wicketed poly bags have been used to package a wide range of products and their utility and importance continues to increase.  Some current applications include packaging baked goods such as bread or buns, packaging produce such as potatoes, apples or oranges, packaging hosiery and garments as well as using them for small mechanical components and for ice cubes. The growth of poly mailer use has been nothing less than phenomenal, tracking directly with the growth of e-commerce.  The bags are typically made from polyethylene (PE) and the mailers from a co-extruded PE, manufactured and mounted on wire brackets, most commonly in units of 100-250 to allow easy replacement or removal during the packaging process, whether manual or automated. In general, packaging is trending towards smaller packages for less waste, transparency for consumer confidence and more colorful with highly specialized and intricate graphics. Wicketed poly bags are no exception. With the recent acquisition of the latest equipment to produce wicketed bags and poly mailers and by controlling every aspect of production within our own four walls, LPS Industries is at the forefront of this segment of the industry.

Wicketed Poly Bags: An Overview

At LPS Industries, wicketed bags and poly mailers are important components in our packaging portfolio, providing cost-effective solutions for a wide variety of packaging needs. Here’s a brief summary of the product family, highlights of the technology, complementary LPS manufacturing capabilities and how all of these can be aligned to help our customers be successful.

Wicketed Poly Bags: Everything You Need to Know

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