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Speedy-Pak Poly Mailers

When you need a quick solution for shipping packages with integrated closure systems, LPS Industries’ Speedy Pak® tape closure shipping bags are a top pick. Simple, lightweight, and equipped with a strong single-use tape closure, these custom poly mailers are excellent for getting your products to their destination on time. Better yet, because of their simplicity, you can have your products packaged and ready to ship in seconds.

Custom Poly Mailers

LPS Industries’ Speedy Pak® tape closure shipping bags are constructed out of a co-extruded, non-cushioned opaque polyethylene and come with a white unprinted exterior making it the perfect candidate for customization. We offer custom printing in eight color flexo options on one or both sides of your custom poly mailers. This enables our clients to display their brand identity and carry their brand message directly into the hands of their customers. We also offer our custom poly mailers in various custom sizes, so you can rest assured that whatever you are shipping, it’s going to fit.

Use LPS Industries’ Speedy Pak® Custom Poly Mailers for Your Business

When it comes to our products, each member of the LPS team is committed to providing top-notch quality. This is no different with our tape closure shipping bags. We want your products to remain contained during the journey to their destination, and our custom poly mailers are the perfect fit for the job. As a diversified manufacturer and leader in the flexible packaging industry, LPS Industries has been able to provide packaging solutions to many market segments by employing a team that is dedicated to providing the best support and customer service. If you have questions about ordering custom poly mailers for your business, complete the form on this page or call us for more information!

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