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Static Control Packaging

Static Control Packaging

Large anti-static bags are useful in situations where electrostatic discharge could otherwise damage electrical products such as circuit boards, chips, motherboards, and more. Using reclosable anti-static shielding technology, our anti-static envelopes and bags will prevent damage to your products and ensure safe transport from end to end.

Each of our large anti-static bags is constructed with a metalized polyester exterior and shielded interior protection that prevents oxygen and moisture ingress and safeguards enclosed products so that they cannot puncture the bag and break the protective seal.

Using Anti-Static Envelopes

Our bags with reclosable anti-static shielding can be padded with air bubbles for extra durability, ordered as either transparent or opaque, and can come with or without a metallic exterior. Some products require the reclosable feature, while other products can be shipped in single-use anti-static polyethylene bags. Regardless of what type of electronic products you need to ship, LPS Industries has a solution that will keep your products safe and secure.

We manufacture four types of large anti-static bags for your every need, including:

  • Pink Anti-Static Bubble Bags

  • Loc-Top® Metallic Static Shielding Resealable Bags

  • Transparent Metallic Static Shielding Bags

  • Pink Anti-Static Polyethylene Bags

Why Choose LPS Industries for Anti-Static Envelopes?

Our quality packaging solutions provide businesses in the agri-chemical, medical, food and snacks, electronics, and pharmaceutical spaces with various customizable options to suit individual needs. We have been creating innovative packaging products, including our large anti-static bags, for over 50 years and use recycled polyethylene to help cut down on unsustainable shipping practices. For more information about our anti-static envelopes and bags, view the products below.

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