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At LPS Industries, we specialize in the manufacturing of roll stock film packaging as well as other packaging solutions for the agri-chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, food and snacks, and pet food industries. Our products are made with renewable energy to minimize our impact on the environment and provide better value to our customers across the country. Roll stock film can provide an easy and affordable way to deliver your products all while remaining durable, food-safe, and convenient for those with busy, active lives, and we can customize solutions specific to your needs.

Why Choose LPS Industries as your Roll Stock Film Packaging Manufacturer?

As a leading roll stock film packaging manufacturer, LPS industries understands the major benefit of using roll stock film packaging is that it offers convenience. These packages are easy for customers to use and grab on the go or store for later consumption of the enclosed product. Roll stock film also tears easily and doesn’t typically require the use of scissors, so packets can be accessed anywhere with ease. The solventless laminate film is a real plus when it comes to packaging spices, pet foods and snacks, and condiments as it reduces the potential of spoilage and eliminates the odors associated with retained solvent migration.

Benefits of Custom Laminated Roll Stock

  • Dry mixes

  • Grains & nuts

  • Medical tests & devices

  • Military

  • Cosmetics

  • Seeds

  • Tobacco

  • Coffee & tea

  • Film-to-Film

  • Metallized

  • Film-to-Foil

  • Paper-to-Foil

  • Agri/chemical

  • Pet food

  • Prepared food

  • Snack food

  • Spices & seasoning

Custom Printed Roll Stock Examples

LPS Industries is your expert roll stock film packaging manufacturer and flexible packaging supplier. Traditionally, roll stock uses a laminate film that is placed onto a roll to create custom bags and packages quickly and on a large scale. Depending on the product type, LPS Industries’ custom printed roll stock packaging can be manufactured with a special solventless laminate film that offers protection from odor, moisture, UV lighting, or oxygen to protect the contents and increase shelf life. This makes it a great solution for single-use applications such as dressing packets, fruit snack bags, coffee, tea, pet food, and other flexible packaging needs. To ensure branding consistency and customization, this solventless laminate film can be printed in up to eight colors to create a unique and custom printed roll stock.

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