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There’s no doubt that packaging has a positive impact on brand value and ultimately growth and profitability. The competitive advantages of custom stand-up pouch packaging, ideal for point-of-sale applications, come with a compelling list of benefits including:

  • Extends shelf life

  • Shelf appeal

  • Easy to store

  • Easy to open

  • Easy to carry

  • Resealable

  • Showing the quality of the contents through a window

  • “Right-sized” portions

Applications for Custom Stand-Up Pouch Packaging

Changing demographics and consumer requirements have transformed the customer base for a wide range of products that use to be found in rigid packaging and are now in stand-up pouches, especially in the CPG (consumer packaged goods) segment. LPS Industries is the stand-up pouch manufacturers for several industries, including:

  • Prepared food

  • Snacks

  • Frozen food

  • Spices & seasonings

  • Seafood

  • Beverages

  • Dry mixes

  • Grains/nuts

  • Enhanced shelf stability

  • Resealability features

  • Eight color printing

  • Puncture resistance

  • Easy open & close constructions

  • Tamper evident features

Our Stand Up Pouch Manufacturers Brand Value

  • Differentiates on the shelf

  • Reduces costs

  • Enhances brand image

  • Protects the product

  • Extends shelf life

  • Resealable

  • Easy to store

  • Easy to open

  • Easy to carry

  • Extends product life

  • Ability to see product

Customer Satisfaction Matters

  • Easy to store

  • Easy to open

  • Portable

  • Resealable

  • Extends freshness


  • Add a rooftop solar power system that produces 825 kWh of electricity and reduces CO2 emissions by 1,100,000 pounds annually

  • Use of a solventless lamination manufacturing process that eliminates environmental risk associated with solvent disposal and improves worker safety

  • Instituted a 100% recycling program for paper and polyethylene scrap

  • Established a national network of warehouses to reduce the carbon footprint associated with fulfillment

How Value Results in Increased Retail Revenue

Premium quality products delivered in packaging with desirable features has been proven to result in a premium retail price because consumers are willing to pay for features important to them. On the desirability scale, both brand owners and consumers rank ability to reseal and ability to extend product life highly with consumers also valuing easy to store and easy to open. More importantly, the majority of consumers are willing to pay a 10% or more premium for each of these features.


Custom Flexible stand-up pouches from LPS Industries, with their inherent, quality manufactured and consistent ability to easily and repeatedly open and close without diminishing the effectiveness of the seal and with the wide selection of material available to produce exactly the performance characteristics your brand requires is a smart, revenue producing choice.


And don’t forget, custom stand-up pouch packaging have always been a cost-effective alternative to rigid packaging because they are lightweight so you can ship more product per dollar spent on freight, they take up less space to store and to display on a retail shelf.

LPS Industries is the leading stand-up pouch manufacturers. Call us today to discuss your customization options and get started!


Survey data and analysis courtesy of the Flexible Packaging Association

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