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Mailers, Envelopes & Cartons

With so many products traveling through the mail today, it’s important to have them properly secured and protected. The number one way to ensure they arrive in the same condition they were sent, is to ship them in the most appropriate packaging for the job.​

Different Shipping Supplies for Various Purposes

Depending on the size, weight, and material of the goods or products being shipped, the shipping supplies required may be different. Most products are placed in either mailers, envelopes, or cartons for shipping. We offer several different types of each to help each and every product reach its destination intact.


Carton style mailers or envelope mailers are both excellent for shipping flat products like flyers and photos. The size you need will be determined by the quantity being shipped. If you’re shipping a lot, a carton may be best, or if it’s just a few, opt for an envelope mailer.

Special Purpose Mailers

Some goods and products are unique and require unique packaging to accommodate them. We have a variety of special-purpose mailers designed to deliver specific goods such as floppy disks, video cassettes, audio cassettes, CDs, and much more.

Padded Mailers

When a little extra protection is needed to ship an item safely, padded mailers are the answer. Choose between foam padded, bubble cushioned, or padded cushioned shipping mailers for shipping smaller, delicate or fragile products. Foam-lined carton-style mailers are also available for larger items that require additional protection.

Mailing Tubes

Mailing tubes are available for large, sensitive documents that need to arrive safely. Items such as posters, architectural drawings, and paintings can be shipped in mailing tubes that resist any bending or folding. Choose between plastic capped ends for security or crimped ends for simple convenience.


Variable Depth, Fold-Up Corrugated Mailers