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UN4G & 4GV Combination Packaging

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UN4G and 4GV packaging

Each of our UN4G and 4GV packaging, boxes, and cartons have been designed to meet legal Department of Transportation (DOT) requirements for the shipment of hazardous materials, including solids, flammable liquids and solids, organic peroxides, toxic materials, oxidizers, corrosive materials, self-heating materials, materials that are dangerous when wet, as well as other miscellaneous hazardous materials.

Our UN4G and 4GV Packaging:

DOT 8249 Exemption Package
The DOT exempts certain packages if they meet specific criteria, and our DOT-SP 8249 exempt UN packaging system is so robust and effective that it can enable your business to meet all requirements and obligations without the need for a toxic or poison label.

LP Foam Cap Paint Can Shipper
Our EPS foam caps, can clips, and locking rings make shipping paint cans easier than ever before, all while maintaining your legal obligations. Designed to protect paint cans throughout the duration of their transport, these products offer unparalleled safety and will keep cans snug in place regardless of transport method.

Paint Can Shipper for Ground Only
If you’re shipping exclusively by ground transport, we offer locking rings and cartons with separate partitions to keep all cans secure until they reach their final destination. These shippers are certified and approved by UPS and offer a more economical solution over other options.

Overpack Cartons for Pails
Our options for UN4G and 4GV packaging, boxes, and cartons include overpack cartons designed for large pail shipping that feature tight-fitting compartments with tray pads to keep every shipment secure. Overpack cartons are available for either steel or plastic pails.

High Density Polyethylene Bottle Packaging
Each of our bottle shippers meets 49 CFR (HM 181), IATA, and ICAO requirements and includes double-walled corrugated cardboard to provide ultimate protection.

Why Choose LPS Industries for Polyethylene Packaging?
LPS Industries specializes in polyethylene packaging and UN4G and 4GV packaging, boxes, and cartons and has been providing innovative shipping solutions for over 50 years. Browse our products below for more information.

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