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TIGR-WRAP Weatherproofing Construction Flashing

TIGR-WRAP Weatherproofing Construction Flashing

“TIGR-WRAP” is your best choice for construction flashing!

Moisture is the enemy of construction openings.  Whether its roof drains, gutters, doorways, windows or any other roof or wall penetration, moisture will cause erosion.

Now there’s a better way to protect those openings with TIGR-WRAP.

TIGR-WRAP is an easy to use multi-ply pressure sensitive flashing that installs quickly with a peel away paper liner.  It’s thin enough to conform around the tightest of corners, and tough enough not to rip away from nails and screws.

TIGR-WRAP sticks to all types of construction surfaces in all types of weather and stays adhered whether it’s aluminum, cement block, wood, geotextile membranes, composites or vinyl.

Call us at 1-800-275-6577 to speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives or complete the request form and we’ll contact you to get a smaple of TIGR-WRAP

Some of the ways TIGR-WRAP keeps you better insulated:

  • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds) or solvents

  • Strong film and foil construction

  • Waterproof barrier protection

  • Adheres to most construction surfaces: wood, cinder, cement, metal, plastics

  • Peel away paper liner for easy installation

  • Thin enough to cut with a razor or scissors

  • Tough enough to withstand nail and screw penetrations

  • Stable from -20° F to +140°F

  • ASTM compliant for construction use

  • Shelf life stable for up to 3 years when properly stored. (less than 100°F)

  • Readily available stock and supplied in rolls 4″x100′;  6″x200′;  8″x500′

  • Manufactured in New Jersey USA

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