The Flexible Packaging Bag Suppliers

We are the flexible packaging bag suppliers that offer high-quality, sustainable solutions such as custom barrier pouches, laminated roll stock, resealable polyethylene bags, and zipper profiles to meet your custom flexible packaging needs.

Though they might seem like small details, professional and custom flexible packaging and labels uniquely establish your brand, regardless of how competitive the industry may be. This sort of recognizable personality creates top of mind awareness, allowing your products to stand out and capture market share. High-quality flexible bag packaging is one of the first things that potential customers notice when they have not yet become loyal to a certain brand. This means you have an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart with solutions from LPS Industries and capitalize on the power of custom flexible packaging.

Since LPS Industries first got started in 1959, we have worked hard to become an industry leader for custom flexible packaging, manufacturing a wide range of flexible bag packaging, and other similar offerings. Our work allows us to impact industries including food, transportation, medical, electronics, and agriculture. With such varied experience, we have had the opportunity to become familiar with a wide range of different businesses, and we are well-equipped to serve the packaging needs of virtually any organization.

In order to maintain a high degree of control over the quality of products that we create, we complete each step of flexible bag packaging production in-house, from design and pre-production through the very end phases. This allows us to handle such details as designing, laminating, coating, slitting, printing, and zipper extrusion. By taking responsibility for every step in the flexible packaging production process, we are able to better position ourselves as industry experts and take note of opportunities for innovation as they arise.

To learn more about our custom flexible packaging products that we offer and how we can meet your shipping product needs, call the flexible bag packaging experts at LPS Industries today.