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UN4G & 4GV Combination Packs

DOT Regulations Notification:

Under current Department of Transportation regulations, as outlined in Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, persons involved with the transportation of hazardous materials MUST undergo training specified by the Department of Transportation – 49CFR – 172.700 through 172.704.

Anyone who offers a hazardous material for transportation or offers for sale, a package represented as certified for the transportation of hazardous materials, qualifies as a “Hazmat” employer and is subject to the DOT training regulations. This means that a “Hazmat” employer must ensure that each of its employees is regularly trained in those parts of the DOT regulations that pertain to their specific job function. There is also a requirement for a systematic program for employees regarding their “general awareness and familiarization” with these regulations.

In the case of redistribution of LPS Hazmat products, it is the distributor’s responsibility to be in compliance with all applicable DOT regulations. It is also the distributor’s responsibility to be TRAINED, TESTED and CERTIFIED to assure compliance.

Important Hazmat Notification:

It is the shipper’s responsibility to determine the suitability of packaging for the material being shipped and any requirement for additional cushioning and/or absorption material. Please consult all appropriate DOT, UN, ICAO and IATA regulations.

All LPS stock UN4G and UN4GV combination packs, are designed, tested and certified to be used with specific primary containers. A variation in the specification of a primary container may cause your shipment to be out of compliance. If you have any questions regarding the specifications of the primary containers applicable to our stock UN4G and UN4GV packaging, please contact us at 1-800-2HASMAT.

LPS Industries will assume NO responsibility for package compliance or integrity with DOT, ICAO/IATA, IMO or UN standards unless all components are assembled and used in compliance with our certification.