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LPS Industries’ CEO Madeleine D. Robinson Explains Why Relationships Matter in a Pandemic

LPS Industries, a vertically integrated flexible packaging manufacturer, announced that its CEO Madeleine D. Robinson recently addressed members of the NJ District Export Council, discussing why relationships matter in a pandemic.

Ms. Robinson stated that communication is key to success in business, and it becomes more important during times of crisis. Successful businesses communicate with their employees, suppliers, and customers to allay their concerns brought on by the pandemic.

For employees, she said businesses must maintain a safe place to work with respect to cleanliness and keeping virus free. In addition, though, they must keep employees updated as to how the company is responding to the pandemic.

Customers are also adjusting their needs during the pandemic, so maintaining a solid understanding of what they expect means staying in close contact with customers is very important.

When it comes to vendors and suppliers, communication is vital to ensure there is not a disruption to the supply chain. Ms. Robinson said, “tied to that is the need to monitor shipping and logistics to ensure raw materials are coming in and finished product is going out.”

As the supply chain tightens, costs are increasing and there is always the threat of allocations limiting the number of raw materials being purchased. Robinson also noted that “tariffs are good for some manufacturers as it levels the playing field against offshore competition.”