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LPS Industries Advises Pet-Food Manufactures to Opt for Flexible Packaging

LPS Industries has published an article in Pet Age Magazine advising pet-food manufacturers to strongly consider flexible packaging for their products.

Paul Harencak, Vice-President of LPS Industries, stated in the article, “While the product manufacturers focus on what is in the container, the container itself can easily affect the product inside and the consumers’ perception of the product. If the packaging is high quality, it will not only protect the food inside, but it will also entice the consumer into purchasing it.”

In the article, Mr. Harencak discusses multi-layered laminates and high puncture resistant films. He also says, “Flexible packaging allows for many different bag structures including a plain bag, a pouch with see-though windows, bottom and side gussets for greater fill volume of pet food.”

Other points raised in the piece regarding flexible packaging in the article include:

– Improvements in reseal-ability.

– Visual appeal.

– Longer shelf-life; and

– Environmental benefits

Mr. Harencak concludes by saying, “The trends we see in the pet food market for flexible packaging are identical to the trends we see in the broader marketplace. Consumers want packaging that protects the contents from the outside world, is easy to use and is sustainable. Producers are responding to these consumer demands by making those demands their own. They, too, benefit from things like a longer shelf-life and greater visual appeal. The packaging industry is meeting these demands. As these demands evolve, so will the business strategies of the packaging manufacturers.”

LPS Industries has worked with many high-volume consumer pet food manufacturers of freeze-dried, dry, or dehydrated pet food by supplying pet food flexible packaging in custom barrier pouches and resealable polyethylene bags with custom laminated roll stock and zipper profiles that can ensure pet products are fresh, safe, and attractive to customers by maximizing the shelf life of products.