Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser

Label dispensers offer the ability to quickly transfer printed labels onto various products or packaging without the time expense of manually peeling off individual labels. This means that the primary purpose of a label dispenser is to peel back each label from the backing or lining for easy removal and application. While there are manual label dispensers that can achieve this, a semi-automatic label dispenser can increase productivity by automating the wheel so that there’s always a new label ready to go. Using a sensor, the wheel will start and stop so that each label is easily accessible and can be applied quickly to move products or packages through the distribution process.

Benefits of Using a Semi-Automatic Label Dispenser

Semi-automatic label dispensers can manage labels up to around 6 inches in width and offer a practical solution for either roll or fan-folded labels. They operate very quickly, offer a rewind system to neatly reroll the dispensed liner, and can handle large capacity rolls so that less time is spent loading and unloading the dispenser. In addition, semi-automatic label dispensers can dispense opaque die-cut as well as butt-cut labels without any special tools for either size adjustment or changeover once a roll has been spent. At a speed of 280 inches per minute, and no need for operator training, our semi-automatic label dispenser is an efficient choice for any business.

Why Choose LPS Industries?

Based entirely in the United States, LPS Industries is an ISO-certified packaging manufacturer focused on providing solutions for flexible and hazmat packaging needs across a variety of industries in the commercial and industrial sectors. Our products are designed to suit the needs of customers involved with agri-chemical, medical, pharmaceuticals, food and snacks, pet food, and more.

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