Protective Wrap & Cushioning Material

For many products or merchandise, simply placing them in a carton and sealing it up won’t be enough protection against damage caused by shipping. Fragile or delicate items often need extra internal packaging or cushioning materials to prevent damage. At LPS Industries, we supply various types of protective wrap and cushioning material to accommodate different types of unique objects and objects that require additional padding.

Super-Sealer Portable Shrink Wrap Packaging System

Dispense, seal and trim shrink wrap packaging with lightweight portability. You’ll be ready to roll with a free 100’ roll of shrink wrap when you purchase this system.

Instapak Quick™ Packaging Foam

Simple to use, this unique foam-in-bag will expand and mold to the shape of your product, while filling the void of your shipping carton.

Instapak® Simple™ Packaging System

The Instapak® Simple™ packaging system helps to streamline your foam-in-bag packaging process by providing teams with on-demand access.

Kimpack® Absorbent Cellulose Cushioning & Wadding

Kimpack® cellulose cushioning is perfect for delicate items as it’s soft enough that it won’t scratch sensitive surfaces and absorbent enough to soak up any minor spills.

Adjustable Stretch Wrap Dispenser and Stretch Film

Wrap up pallets or skids with puncture-resistant plastic wrap, which features outstanding stretchability and super cling.

Top Quality Stretch Wrap in Disposable Dispenser

This handheld dispenser contains 1000 feet of stretch wrap to handle the wrapping of several pallets. And when it’s finished, simply dispose of the dispenser, and grab a new one!

Bubble Wrap

End customers may agree that bubble wrap is the best. Super versatile, bubble wrap provides a cushion that protects against shock and vibration throughout transport.


Vermiculite is easy to dispense around oddly shaped objects and provides shock absorbency to the contents inside.

Heat Shrink Film Bags

Keep your merchandise looking professional while protecting it with tamper-proof heat shrink packaging.