Pressure Sensitive Tapes and Dispensers

When you’re packaging products or merchandise into cartons for shipping, you’ll need some type of sealant to keep the carton closed and the contents secure. The most popular sealant used for packaging cartons is pressure-sensitive tape.

Various Types of Pressure Sensitive Tape

Believe it or not, you may end up having a preference when it comes to pressure-sensitive tape for your packaging. We offer several different tapes that may come in handy in different situations.

Versatile, 3M Brand Box Sealing Tape

One of our most popular pressure-sensitive tapes, our 3M brand tapes are available in three different varieties to accommodate the needs of any packaging job.

Color Coded Carton Sealing Adhesive Tape

Keep your packages color-coded with our selection of colored pressure-sensitive tapes. Available in seven different colors, these tapes make it easy to recognize which packages are getting shipped with which carrier.

Shipping Label Protection Tape and Dispenser

Not only is it important to keep packages safely secured with sealing tape, but it’s also important to keep shipping labels securely fastened to packages. This tape is wide enough to protect labels properly, and the dispenser perfectly accommodates the tape rolls for ease of access.

Tough, Pre-Printed Carton Sealing Tape

Our pre-printed sealing tape is available in three different attention-getting messages and is beneficial in alerting carriers or receivers to the contents of the package.

High-Quality Improved PVC Carton Sealing Tape

This tape is strong and ideal for sealing packages with just one strip of tape. Available in clear, tan, or white, choose the tape that best suits your application.

All Purpose Masking Tape

Ideal for light-duty packaging applications, our all-purpose masking tape features curl-resistant backing while the high-tack adhesive adheres on contact.

Tape Dispensers

If you or your shipping team is sealing numerous packages a day, it can get quite tiring without a tape dispenser. Streamline your shipping process and choose between a pistol grip dispenser or an economy pull and tear dispenser.