Packing Tape and Accessories

With more and more boxes flying around the world every day, it’s imperative that they remain closed and contained while protecting the contents of each package from the elements. At LPS Industries we provide our customers with access to the various packaging tape and accessories to help their shipped packages arrive safely and securely.

Different Packaging Tape Types

In the packaging industry we find that everyone’s needs and preferences differ, so we provide several different packaging tape types – such as pressure-sensitive packaging tape and gummed packaging tape and accessories – to accommodate those differences.

Gummed Packaging Tape and Accessories

Gummed packaging tape utilizes water-activated adhesive to seal up boxes and cartons. This tape is highly effective and is a great solution for high-volume packaging operations. We also have reinforced gummed tape, which is strengthened by glass fibers, providing extra strength and durability when you need it. If you’re running short on time, streamline your shipping process by implementing the use of a tape dispenser.

Pressure Sensitive Packaging Tape

Most household tapes, such as masking tape, scotch tape, and duct tape, are pressure-sensitive tapes (sometimes referred to as PST). Pressure-sensitive packaging tapes are unlike gummed packaging tape in that they don’t require water activation to adhere to a surface. They use light pressure – like the force of your palm – to adhere to the surface of a package. We offer various types of pressure-sensitive packaging tape in different widths and colors to accommodate the ever-changing needs of our customers.

Choose LPS Industries for Your Packaging Tape

As a manufacturing leader in the shipping industry, we take special care to ensure that our customers have access to the best shipping products. It is our goal to continue to provide high-end products manufactured of quality materials that can safely carry shipped products to their destination.