Instapak Quick™ Expanding Liquid Foam Packaging

The unique foam-in-bag process is one of the most effective cushioning, custom instant spray foam packaging solutions available.  Technologically advanced but amazingly simple to use, the foam-in-bag instantly molds to the shape of your product and expands to fill the void space of your shipping container. Extremely compact, the system is quick to set up and requires only two items; the Instapak Quick™ Bags and the Instapak Quick™ Warmer (an instructional video is included).

Learning to use the expanding liquid foam packaging system takes just minutes. It’s extremely space-efficient, with the equivalent of a room full of packaging in a single carton. Even better, it’s economical and environmentally sensitive.

Instapak system

1. Remove the bag from the Instapak® Quick™ warmer, unfold it and lay it on a flat surface.

instapak foam packing

2. Apply pressure to the “Press Here” area on the lower left side of the bag to open the inside seal.

Instapak foam cushioning

3. Pat part “A” and part “B” back and forth and the bag will begin to expand.

Instapak foam carton packing

4. Place the expanding foam filled bag in the shipping carton and nestle the product onto the cushion.

Instapak instant foam cushioning

5. Place a second expanding foam-filled bag on top of the product and close the carton flaps.

Instapak foam packaging

6. The Instapak® Quick™ bag expands around the product and against the carton to form a top cushion.

One small box of Instapak® Quick™ instant spray foam packaging can produce product protective cushions for up to 24 cartons. Your products are safely protected, and your company saves valuable operating space with Instapak® Quick™ packaging.

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Instapak® Quick™ Foam Packaging Ordering Information
Instapak® Quick™ Bags
Part Number Flat Bag Size Quantity
IQH-10 15″ x 18″ 48 bags/carton
IQH-20 18″ x 18″ 42 bags/carton
IQH-40 18″ x 24″ 36 bags/carton
IQH-60* 18″ x 24″ 30 bags/carton
IQH-80 22″ x 27″ 30 bags/carton
* Contains 25% more foam than the IQH-40 bag
Instapak® Quick™ Warmer
Part Number Flat Bag Size Quantity
IQW-15 13.50″ x 8.25″ x 5.00″ 15 bags

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