Vermiculite is used in everyday shipping processes as a dry, loose-fill material for packaging to ensure that merchandise and sensitive products arrive safely at their destination. But just what is vermiculite? Vermiculite is a naturally occurring mineral – hydrated magnesium aluminum silicate – found on most continents with the largest deposits in Russia, South Africa, China, and Brazil.

Vermiculate is commonly used when shipping chemicals or liquids as it is not only lightweight but also absorbent, making it perfect for soaking up any potential leaks or spills. In addition, vermiculite is pourable, allowing for the ease of packaging irregularly shaped products. Any items to be shipped which have been surrounded by vermiculite, are provided with superb protection from shocks, bumps, or knocks along the way.

As vermiculite is lightweight, it has the potential to reduce shipping costs related to weight-based shipping weights when compared to other heavier cushioning materials. However, vermiculite isn’t only used for its lightweight, highly absorbent, and pourable features – it’s also widely used because it is fireproof and doesn’t decay, break down, or emit any odors. With all these beneficial features, vermiculite is the perfect cushioning material for shipping products from various industries such as agriculture, chemical manufacturing, and building and construction.

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