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Flexible Medical Packaging

Packaging comes in many shapes and sizes, but there are specific requirements when it comes to the medical industry. Flexible medical packaging plays an essential role in the safe shipping, storage, and end-use of medical products, and businesses in the industry are constantly seeking out innovative packaging solutions to boost the dependability of their brands. Whether your business produces cough syrup or manufactures at-home test kits, the packaging you choose can have a significant impact on your business and dictate how your customers interact with your products.

Material & Design

At LPS Industries, our flexible medical packaging is designed to suit a variety of different products. From specific sizes and shapes to customized finishing options such as handles, die-cutting, gusset seals, and resealable options, our single-use, multi-use, and child-proof pouches can help you deliver quality and safety in the same package. Designed and manufactured for robust durability, you can choose to include barriers for oxygen, light, and moisture to ensure that your products remain safe for use by your end customers.

Types of Flexible Medical Packaging We Offer

We serve a wide range of customers who produce and manufacture various products for the medical industry. Our packaging options differ for each type of product in order to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the specific needs of your business. This means supplying packaging that has been specifically designed to accommodate pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, as well as devices intended for medical use.


Pills, capsules, topical creams, ointments, and other pharmaceuticals must be packaged correctly and safely to protect both children and adults. This means using flexible medical packaging that is sterilized and can be resealed after use, but also packaging that isn’t easily penetrated or accessed by children. Preventing moisture from entering the pouch is also important for many pharmaceutical products as it can destroy the contents and make them unfit for use.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies such as bandages, swabs, wipes, and diagnostic test kits must be protected, and our flexible medical packaging is designed to keep the contents of these packages safe, dry, and unaltered until they need to be used. These packages may be single-use applications with moisture, light, or oxygen barriers, and depending on the contents, may not need added child-proofing features.

Medical Devices

Surgical devices and tools, monitoring devices, and other patient care devices enable medical professionals to administer necessary care – but this is only possible if these devices arrive undamaged and in proper working order. Our flexible medical packaging offers a durable, protective solution for medical devices to ensure that your products are ready to be used upon arrival. With options for sterilized or non-sterilized pouches, moisture protection, and more, you can ensure that the quality and integrity of your products rema