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  • Peter Glaser

Vapor Flex Success Story – New Product Development

A cleaning supply manufacturer asked us to produce a primary packaging prototype for a new product they were developing. The product was envisioned as a short term, disposable deodorizer for use in trash cans that held organic matter. A critical attribute was that it was to be placed in the bottom of a trash can liner, upon liner replacement, without the need to attach it with a hook hanger or adhesive. It also had to be economical enough to replace every 24 to 48 hours.

After understanding the product and usage frequency, we developed flexible primary packaging with a series of pin holes placed in the same location of each deodorant package. This allowed the chemical deodorant, which was separately sealed, to be opened and placed in the vented bag by the cleaning crew at the time activation was desired. The combination of design, material and unit cost met the customer’s objectives and ultimately resulted in our being awarded the contract to become the primary packaging source.