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  • Peter Glaser

Pres-Quick Success Story – Fulfillment

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

A current retail customer was applying a Loc N’ Pres PLE (our recloseable packing list envelope) to cartons at the end of their mail order packaging fulfillment lines to hold marketing material for related products. Depending upon how a customer stores their Loc N’ Pres stock, the zippers may partially close and need to be re-opened before the contents are inserted. This was occurring and causing a line slowdown, measurably affecting productivity. Our customer brought their problem to us and asked us to design a solution. Once we learned how the Loc N’ Pres was being stored and used, it was apparent there were better solutions since the Loc N’ Pres is designed for multiple opens/closes. We recommended a PLE of the same size but with an overlip, exchanging the zipper for a hot melt adhesive strip to ensure easy access to load the marketing material while offering a secure seal. We sent samples for testing on the line and by the end of the day the samples were received, the customer called to say the problem was solved and they were ready to place the initial order.