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  • Peter Glaser

LPS Retrospective: A Milestone

Updated: Mar 11

Fifty years ago, LPS secured its future in packing list envelope production by manufacturing all components of its Pres-Quick division internally.

Prior to 1973, there were components of LPS’ Pre-Quick packing list envelopes product line that were outsourced. The backing material, an adhesive coated backing layer with a silicone coated paper protection layer, was purchased from a local vendor as LPS Industries didn’t yet have the capability to produce the backing internally.

John Robinson, LPS’ founder, and Chief Executive Officer, acquired a coating machine and began silicone and adhesive coating the paper internally.

The first packing list envelopes that were manufactured 100% internally were produced on January 17, 1973 as commemorated by this plaque which hangs today at the Moonachie, New Jersey headquarters of LPS Industries, LLC.