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LPS Industries’ Vapor Flex – For High Barrier Food Packaging

LPS Industries’ Vapor Flex laminate for Food Packaging Solving a Host of Health & Environmental Issues

It’s no secret that today’s discriminating consumer market has been cultivating a voracious appetite for more and more organically produced foods.  In fact, a 2019 Organic Industry Survey  shows sales have risen to nearly $48 billion dollars.  The impetus for this rapid growth being a focus on health, animal welfare and the environment.  Riding the wave of this organic foods surge is an awareness of organic product packaging particularly concerning the scanning for symbols, graphics or text indications of environmental friendliness.

According to Smithers Pira, a global authority on packaging industry supply chains, 79% of respondents rated increased exposure of consumers to “environmental issues” and “advances in materials technology” as key factors contributing towards the growth of environmentally friendly packaging.

When it comes to advances in materials technology, solvent-less lamination has been a major achievement in the manufacturing of flexible food packaging.  Usually, the process requires the laminating (bonding) of two or more films for creating a moisture and oxygen barrier allowing heat sealability and enhancing printability.  This type of bonding has been done by thermal or chemical means using either solvent-based or aqueous-based adhesives.  The downside of solvent and water-based adhesives is that they can produce unwanted tastes and odors.  This can be especially problematic for those consumers or animals with very sensitive palates or senses of smell.  As a result, LPS Industries created solvent-less packaging to avoid these issues in an environmentally responsible manner.  Furthermore, this decision to employ solvent-less lamination has the added benefit of eliminating the creation of potential VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) from polluting the atmosphere.  VOC’s can be extracted with a high tech cleaning process.  However, that directly increases the GHG’s (Green House Gases) while drawing on large amounts of energy in the process.  In this regard, a market leader like LPS Industries is committed to the solvent-less approach because it is a highly sustainable methodology drastically reducing waste, material usage and providing large energy savings.

Vapor Flex for food packaging provides multi-layered construction for superior barrier protection against moisture, oxygen, odors and puncture resistance not to mention added shelf life, as well.  LPS Industries is ISO 9001-2015 certified using materials being FDA and DMF registered.  Our one-stop shopping capabilities feature roll stock, custom printed standup pouches, zippered pouches and more for single use, reclosable, and easy open tamper-resistant purposes.  LPS Industries has been combining design and manufacturing innovation for over 60 years with a special emphasis on 100% supply chain traceability plus easy ordering backed by highly knowledgeable customer sales and service.  Moreover, we can produce custom printable or unprintable for roll stock, stand up pouches or pre-made bags facilitated by eye-popping print capabilities with up to 8 colors. Our domestic manufacturing abilities mean much quicker turn-around time from start to finish when compared to our overseas counterparts. Standing behind all of our services is a highly professional In-house laboratory and Quality Assurance team focused on delivering dependable quality and consistency every step of the way.