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Converter Minimums: Every Situation Is Unique

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

When brand owners or brand managers at small, growing companies are considering a custom manufactured flexible packaging solution for their product, one of the first questions frequently asked is, “What are your minimums?”

The converter’s answer typically includes the phrase “it depends.”

So what does it depend on?

There are many factors that determine what the number is and why it can vary by individual project. Understanding the basic production processes required to produce a bag or stand up pouch made with flexible packaging, and some of the key variables impacting each discrete step in the process, is a helpful first step in determining if your flexible packaging project makes economic sense.

Here are some “Flexible Packaging 101” basic, and not so basic, considerations:


Converting, in the flexible packaging industry, is the process of utilizing multilayer structures made from films, foil and/or paper in the lamination process and forming them into a bag or a pouch.

Each layer and type of material provides specific performance characteristics, such as:

  • Oxygen, moisture or light resistance

  • Chemical resistance

  • Puncture resistance

  • Tear resistance

  • Rigidity

  • Glossy or matte appearance

  • Opacity or translucency

  • Heat sealability