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Best Pet Food Packaging Options To Use

We all love our pets, and many of us are particular about the quality of food that they receive in an effort to ensure that their nutritional needs are being met. There are many different regulations and certifications that your customers look for when choosing pet food, but there’s another essential component that may not be as obvious: the packaging itself. Pet food packaging may fly under the radar, but it plays an important role in the health and wellness of our pets. Customers want to know that the pet food packaging material being used is safe and dependable, and understanding their motivation can help you choose pet food packaging solutions that mark all of the right boxes.

Ultimately, the best pet food packaging draws your customers in and offers a level of quality that keeps them coming back. Freshness is a top priority, but there are often additional considerations that your customers will make when determining the right solution. Here are five common qualities that are important to your customers, each of which helps to influence their buying decision:


There’s more than one way to open a bag, and busy pet owners typically look for simplicity. The ability to grab and go saves time, but it’s important to be able to seal the freshness back inside. Easy-open and easy-close resealable pet product packaging is always a more attractive choice than searching for scissors and bag clips.


Safe pet food packaging material is a must, and many customers will look to see whether what they’re buying meets any professional standards. At LPS Industries, our bags and pouches are made from FDA food-grade polyethylene to give your customers peace of mind and let them know that their pet’s health is valued.


Dull or repetitious packaging has a low impact on the shelf and won’t stand out to your customers. Opting for better quality, enhanced features, and high-definition printing for your pet food packaging makes a louder statement and can help to promote increased sales. Your customers can see and feel the difference and are drawn to innovative offerings.


Even dogs will turn their nose up at stale food that has lost its flavor and become hard or brittle. Freshness is essential, and at LPS Industries, our pet food and snack packaging boasts both aroma and palatability protection to ensure that your customer’s pets receive the level of quality that your products are known for.