Packing List Envelopes & Pouch Manufacturers

Since 1973, LPS Industries has been the packing envelopes & pouch manufacturers creating industrial packing slip pouches for various industries. With our ongoing in-house research and development program, LPS Industries is proud to introduce many innovative industrial packing slip pouches that meet each industry’s needs including:

  • Pres-Quick Pressure Sensitive Envelops that feature a specially formulated hot melt adhesive for strong bonding and secure, consistent performance. Pres-Quick packing list envelopes securely bond to most surfaces, including tubes, containers, cases, and boxes.
  • Loc n Pres Pressure Sensitive Zippered Envelopes that combine a pressure sensitive adhesive backing with a multi-track reclosable zipper for an added convenience. The Loc n Pres packing envelopes are available in 6 different sizes.
  • Military Spec. Fluorescent Packing List Envelopes are full face printed, 2 mil poly envelopes with a hot melt adhesive for strong, reliable adhesion. Our packing envelopes & pouch manufactures have also provided the choice of end load (EL) or back load (BL).
  • Military Spec. Water Resistant Kraft Paper Packing List Envelopes are constructed of water-resistant kraft paper with a metal clasp and can be taped, nailed, or stapled to any surface including wood, cardboard, metal or plastic.

To learn more about LPS Industries and the industrial packing slip pouches that our team designs and manufacturers in the United States, call the packing envelopes and pouch manufacturers today!

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