Loc-Top ® Custom Reclosable Zipper Polyethylene Bags

LPS custom manufactures single use and resealable printed poly bags for packaging, storing or shipping a variety of items. Whether your need is for medical pouches, food grade packaging or containing jewelry, sundries, clothing, small parts or any of a hundred other items, our printed reclosable zipper poly bags deliver the performance you require. Regardless of the gauge, polyethylene pouches are the most cost effective solution to maximize visibility while keeping your product safe and secure from dust and moisture.

All of our reclosable bags feature a reinforced double-track Loc-Top ® zipper that locks in a quick single motion time and time again insuring that bags will not open accidentally. Additional options include:

  • Line or Process Printing up to Eight Colors
  • White Block Areas
  • Clear or in a Variety of Colors
  • Grommets
  • Punch Hole
  • Eyelet
  • Metal Sliders
  • tamper-evident closures
  • Tape Closure
  • Wicketing

The following examples of which gauge (thickness) to use for a particular application are guidelines only. Gauge is expressed in mils, with 1 mil equal to .001 inch.

2 Mil This lighter gauge poly is perfect for protecting light and delicate items such as notions, precious gems and cosmetics.

4 Mil The weight of this poly makes this bag the choice for most manufactured products, such as printed matter, clothing, and small parts.

6 Mil This is typically the heaviest weight poly used for commercial packaging, the choice for sharp-edged products such as auto parts, screws, manuals, repair parts, metal dies and other hardware.

We’re happy to provide a free consultation to discuss your specific requirements and recommend options.

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