Custom Poly Shipping Pouches & Bags

Stand Up

Stand up custom poly shipping pouches help to showcase your products while ensuring an extended shelf life. They are easy to open, store, and carry, and are an ideal choice for point-of-sale (POS) applications.

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3D Barrier
Bags and Shrouds

3-dimensional barrier bags provide enhanced protection throughout the storage, fulfillment, and shipping processes. Products and machinery that are expensive or otherwise valuable can achieve protection from moisture and corrosion easily.

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Pouches and Bags

Preformed shipping pouches are desirable for their ability to showcase your brand while maintaining a protective barrier for your products. Regardless of the size you need, LPS Industries can manufacture custom solutions that are designed to fit your products.

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Custom poly shipping pouches offer a waterproof, tearproof, and tamper-resistant solution for numerous applications across a range of industries. The bags feature self-sealing technology, and the clear polyethylene makes it easy to see the product inside the package. On top of their affordability and premium protection against moisture and other damage, they can be ordered as custom printed shipping bags or envelopes to support corporate branding guidelines. At LPS Industries, our custom poly shipping pouches are manufactured to be lighter than cardboard boxes and more durable to ensure that your products are protected for the long haul.

Our Custom Poly Shipping Pouches

Custom poly shipping pouches are often used for e-commerce shipping as they are resistant to tears and can self-seal for easy protection. There are three types of shipping pouches that we offer, including:

Why Choose LPS Industries for Your Flexible Packaging Products ?

LPS Industries specializes in manufacturing custom poly shipping pouches and packaging materials that can carry your products without compromise and extend their shelf life. We use recycled polyethylene and renewable energy sources to create products that solve specific problems and have done so for over 50 years.