Clear, Multi-Purpose Flat Polyethylene Plastic Bags

Flat heat seal bags provide a comprehensive solution for shipping and transporting food, powdered products, flat paper products, and other small products that require protection from moisture, oxygen, or dust. These sealable plastic bags are made from polyethylene and are completely transparent enabling handlers to see what each package contains for easy reference. Offered in various sizes, our flat heat seal bags are packed into 1,000-count cartons and serve as an economical choice for any business.

Types of Flat Heat Seal Bags

There are three types of flat heat seal bags offered by LPS Industries:

Standard Flat Heat Seal Bags

Popular for food packaging, standard sealable plastic bags are designed to encase the contents securely so that there isn’t too much movement inside. They can be sealed easily using either a crimp sealer, header card, or hand sealer so that flat or bulky contents can be displayed clearly at all times.

Laminated Heavy Duty

Our laminated sealable plastic bags perform best for products such as cookies, candy, or other products that require a higher grade of durability to protect them. They feature a back center weld and crimped bottom seal to provide additional strength and protection.

Metallized Flat Pouches

Flat metallized heat seal bags are commonly used for powders, coffee beans/grounds, supplements, and other products that require protection from moisture, oxygen, and UV lighting. These flat heat seal bags are food-safe, easy to open, and enable manufacturers to easily package preset amounts.

Why Choose LPS Industries for Sealable Plastic Bags?

At LPS Industries, we manufacture sealable plastic bags made from 100% recycled polyethylene and use renewable energy sources to do so. We are proud of our commitment to reducing carbon emissions while providing high-quality packaging products to customers across the United States.

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