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Flexible & Hazmat Packaging Engineered to Protect Product and Client.

LPS Industries is an ISO-certified, vertically-integrated flexible and hazmat packaging manufacturer and converter offering custom engineered packaging solutions and industrial packaging supplies. Our custom industrial packaging company is 100% U.S. based

A Vertically Integrated Flexible and Hazmat Packaging Manufacturer and Leader in The Packaging Industry.

Our U.S.-based manufactured flexible packaging is available as pre-formed pouches with range of features or as roll stock. Performance properties manufactured to your specifications in a GMP compliant operation and high impact eight color printing consistently deliver cost-effective and reliable solutions for a wide range of industries including Agri-Chemical, Medical, Food and Snacks, Pet Food, and more. Our flexible packaging distribution centers are strategically located nationwide in New Jersey, Georgia, Indianapolis, and California. We offer three separate product groups including flexible packaging, coated products, and general packaging supplies. Our modern production facilities and state-of-the-art equipment ensure all products are manufactured to the highest quality.

Flexible Packaging

LPS Industries is a leader in the flexible packaging industry. For the past 50 years, LPS has been providing unique flexible packaging solutions to a variety of markets, including medical, food, electronics, agri-chemical and more.

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Hazardous Material Packaging

A leading provider of hazardous material packaging solutions around the world, LPS Industries is committed to helping you find a cost effective and fully compliant solution to your Hazmat packaging and shipping requirements.

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Packaging Materials & Shipping

From shipping boxes and packaging tape to placards and cushioning materials, LPS Industries has an expansive inventory of packaging materials and shipping systems to help.

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Envelopes & Coated Products

LPS takes pride in its rigorous quality control procedures that ensure its pressure sensitive adhesive coated products and pressure sensitive envelopes are always manufactured to the highest standards.

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