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Wicket Bag Holder With Poly Wicketed Bags for Efficient and Automated Bag Filling

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wicketed poly bags

Speedy Pak document envelopes on a wicket

Wicketed bags are plastic poly bags that are bundled together with a U-shaped or T-shaped bracket called a wicket.  Bags are bundled on a wicket as an easy and efficient dispenser for manually or mechanically filling poly bags.

The construction of wicketed poly bags includes a disposable, removable strip that holds the bag in place on the wicket.  A common, everyday example of wicketed bags are plastic shopping bags found at the checkout stations of grocery stores.  Bundles of bags are hung on a rack, similar to a wicket, for easy filling by a bagger as groceries come down the conveyor.

poly bags on a wicket

Zippered poly bags on a wicket

Similar to the grocery store example, wicketed bags can make packaging your product in poly bags easier and more efficient.  Wicketed bags can also be used with automatic bag dispensing and filling machines.  During the packaging process, the line employee or machine opens and fills individual poly bags, tears the bag from the wicket, seals it and then passes the package along for boxing and shipping.

LPS can manufacture and provide a variety of poly bags on a wicket such as flat poly bags, gusseted poly bags, and poly mailer envelopes, with bag closure options including a plastic zipper closure or a hotmelt tape strip.  We can also add features such as a perforation, tear notch or punch hole.  Our polyethylene bags can be supplied clear or opaque, printed or unprinted.

bag wicketing machine

LPS’ wicketing bag machine in operation

LPS can provide bags of all sizes on a wicket.  The maximum width we can supply is 26” wide flat poly bags, or 25” when a zipper or tape closure is specified. Wicket styles and sizes change with bag sizing.

Our new, state of the art, high speed machines can do large volumes at competitive prices.