WarmMark™ Temperature Indicators for Environmentally Sensitive Goods

Monitor the temperatures that your perishable, fragile, or sensitive goods are subjected to during transit with Temperature Indicators from LPS Industries. ShockWatch Environmental Indicators monitor temperatures during shipping and storage, acting as a dependable spoilage indicator, clearly showing whether goods have been subjected to unacceptable conditions.

With this reliable temperature indicator, a proprietary red dye is released onto a blotter to clearly indicate when your shipment is exposed to temperature levels above your predetermined level, creating a permanent and immediate indication of the duration of exposure. Activation of the device is simple – remove the tab and barrier film and apply to a dry surface on your product or packaging.

Affixed directly to your products’ packaging, these reliable temperature indicators provide indisputable visual evidence of exposure to unacceptable temperature levels, protecting product quality throughout the entire shipping and handling process.

See related product ColdMark for monitoring temperatures that become too cold for product preservation and integrity.

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