Variable Depth Mailers

Anyone shipping regularly issued magazines, digests, reports, and other documents can understand that each issue is not necessarily the same length – or in the case of shipping, thickness – each and every time. That’s where variable depth mailers come in. If you need to ship the same number of reports to a specific destination, but the thickness of each report fluctuates with each iteration printed, you’ll need packaging that can accommodate that fluctuation.

Our variable depth mailers are manufactured from 200lb test white corrugated cardboard and scored at ½” intervals to allow for the packaging of items of varying thicknesses. Although they don’t come pre-assembled, these mailers are easy to quickly assemble, fill, and seal, helping businesses maintain efficiency and consistency throughout the fulfillment process.

Why Choose LPS Industries for Variable Depth Mailers?

Just like with all the other products and equipment that we supply, we ensure that our variable depth mailers maintain the same high-quality standards. With over 50 years of experience and equipped with modern production facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, LPS Industries continues to lead the industry in custom industrial packaging and provides customers with products that are manufactured to the highest quality.

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