TiltWatch – XTR Indicator for Fragile Goods in Transport

Ship your fragile, sensitive, or calibrated goods without surrendering control of their handling. TiltWatch-XTR Indicators monitor tilting that may result in potential concealed damage during the shipping and handling process.

Affixed directly to your goods or packaging, TiltWatch-XTR indicators detect and record unacceptable tilting on goods that must remain upright. Simple, cost-efficient, and highly effective, this attention-getting device provides a visual deterrent to unacceptable handling, no matter what you’re shipping.

Removal of the adhesive backing automatically arms the devices. The self-stick backing utilizes the most aggressive 5 mil acrylic adhesive available, creating a permanent bond on all but the roughest containers – ensuring that once applied, this shipping damage indicator device cannot be reset, and the product cannot be tipped without indisputable evidence of mishandling.

This tilt sensor turns red if the container it is affixed to tips on its side or is completely upended. TiltWatch-XTR will not activate under normal handling conditions or during aircraft take-offs.

*** As an added security feature, each TiltWatch-XTR is marked with a unique serial number. You can identify every package with a number that can be listed on your shipping papers.

Additionally, the TiltWatch-XTR Indicator contains a vacuum seal that eliminates any effects of humidity or temperature changes.

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