Tilt Indicators

Many sensitive products, such as liquids and gels, need to be shipped upright and remain that way through their journey. If they don’t, serious spills may occur, resulting in the need for extensive cleanup. Once the product is packaged though, how do you know if it has been tipped far enough to result in a spill? That’s where tilt indicators come in.

Tilt Indicators at LPS Industries

Tilt indicators are special labels that are placed on the outside of a package to be shipped that will indicate if the package has been tipped past a certain angle while being shipped. At LPS Industries, we provide our customers with two tilt indicator options – the TiltWatch XTR indicator and the Tip N Tell tilt label.

TiltWatch XTR Tilt Indicators

When affixed to your goods or packaging, the TiltWatch XTR tilt indicators will detect and record unacceptable tilting on products that must remain upright. If unacceptable tilting has been detected, the tilt sensor will turn red to indicate that the contents may have spilled or been disturbed. These labels use an aggressive adhesive to ensure that they cannot be reset or removed once applied.

Tip N Tell Tilt Label

Just like our TiltWatch XTR tilt indicators, our Tip N Tell tilt labels will identify when a product has been tilted. In the case of this shipping tilt indicator, two blue beads are present, and it is evident that the product or package has been tipped when the blue beads break through past a marked line into the top section.

Use LPS Industries as Your Shipping Tilt Indicator Provider

At LPS Industries, we’ve made it our mission to continue to provide our customers with access to high-end products and the benefits of cutting-edge technology. We continue to develop new products to meet the complex, everchanging packaging needs of our customers.