Temperature Indicators

Temperature Indicator Labels for Shipping

There are many products being shipped daily that are temperature sensitive and must remain at a stable temperature throughout the entire shipping process. Some of these products may be food, chemicals, and medical products. To ensure that a stable environment is maintained, temperature indicator labels for shipping should be placed within the package.

Types of Temperature Indicators

Temperature indicator labels for shipping will detect changes in temperature and will alert the receiver if the temperature change has harmed the product in any way. At LPS Industries we provide our customers with two types of temperature indicators – ColdMarkTM indicators and WarmMarkTM indicators.

ColdMarkTM Temperature Indicators

ColdMarkTM indicators contain specially formulated fluids securely encased in a cylindrical tube, which will turn from clear to a violet color when exposed to temperatures below a certain level. Available in five different activation temperatures, these are convenient for determining if goods have been exposed to unacceptable environmental conditions.

WarmMarkTM Temperature Indicators

WarmMarkTM indicators aren’t contained in a tube but are still a reliable temperature indicator. When a shipment is exposed to temperature levels above a set level, a proprietary red dye is released onto a blotter which clearly indicates potential spoilage of the product and details the duration of exposure.

Choose LPS Industries for Your Temperature Indicators

At LPS we understand the importance of ensuring that your products make it through the entire shipping and handling process safely and securely. We continue to develop and provide our customers with new products that help to achieve those goals while maintaining optimum product quality. Reach out to us if you have questions about how to keep your products safe from environmental conditions with our temperature indicators for shipping!