Special Purpose Mailers

Packaging unique and odd-shaped products or merchandise for safe shipping can be rather tricky. To help make it easier for our customers, we supply various different packaging methods to accommodate the ever-changing shipping requirements of several industries.

Various Types of Special Purpose Mailers

Whether you need to ship some highly valuable vintage VHS tapes or ensure a super-critical document arrives without water damage, we’ve got you covered. Our special purpose mailers are truly unique and vary in size and shape to accommodate many specific products.

Strong Water-Resistant Courier Envelopes

If you need to courier important documents across town or state lines, these non-cushioned envelopes are perfect. Featuring a water-resistant exterior, your documents will remain safe and secure and protected from any moisture along the way.

Gusseted Mailers for Bulky Items

Sometimes you’ll have to ship items that just won’t fit in a regular envelope. Our gusseted mailers will expand further than an envelope to allow for bulkier or oddly shaped items.

Space Saving Triangular Mailers

Not only do triangles provide extra strength and protection, but they also save a little more space. Pop your rolled posters, prints, or architectural drawings into a triangular mailer, and rest assured that they’ll reach their destination safely and securely.

Sturdy, Economical, CD Mailers

You may not need to ship CDs all that often, but when you do, we have the optimal packaging for the job. These sturdy, economical mailers will protect your CDs from bends, bumps, and scratches throughout the shipping process.

Sturdy, Corrugated Die Cut Mailers

If you need specially sized die cut mailers, we have various sturdy corrugated die cut mailers for special purposes. Our die cut mailers are manufactured to carefully protect sensitive products such as video cassettes, floppy disks, audio cassettes, and CDs.