Box Strapping Tools and Accessories

Package Strapping Tools From LPS Industries

Polypropylene Strapping

This powerful strapping, 1/2″ wide, extremely hard, probably impossible, to rip. The black waffled strapping comes in 9,000-foot rolls, and the white, smooth finish in 7,200-foot rolls.

1/2″ Tensioner

This tool tightens the strapping around packages and holds the ends together in an overlaid position for easy sealing or buckling.

Crimper and Metal Seals

The 1/2″crimper bends a metal seal around the overlaid ends of 1/2″ strapping and then crimps the metal for a permanent hold.

Corner Protectors

These plastic protectors keep package strapping from cutting into carton edges as well as from shifting or sliding.

Hand-Pull Tool

A hand-pull tool performs the same function as a tensioner in tightening strapping. While offering somewhat less tightening power, it serves as a cost-effective alternative for the low-volume shipper.

Hand Cart

Of sturdy metal construction, this cart accommodates all 8″ and 16″ I.D. core size rolls of strapping and has a handy compartment for tools and accessories.


Here is an alternative to metal seals that eliminates the need for a crimper. Buckles take a bit longer than seals but should be adequate if your shipping or unitizing volume is low.

Poly-Strap Pak Kit

This handy self-dispensing unit contains all you need to get started with a package unitizing operation: 3,000′ of 1/2″ strapping, 300 metal buckles and a hand-pull tool.

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