Pistol Grip Label Applicator

Labeling fragile, hazardous, and any special handling required boxes by hand quickly becomes tiresome and time-consuming. Businesses can create a more efficient packaging and shipping system by adding a pistol grip label applicator to their shipping equipment toolbox.

At LPS Industries, our pistol grip label applicator is manufactured to accommodate and load label rolls up to 6” in diameter on a 1” core and dispense various labels up to 3” in width. The labels don’t have to be any specific shape and can even be custom die-cut shapes as long as they remain under the width limitation.

With a unique and patented adjustable sensor that detects the edge of each label, this is the industry’s leading handheld label dispenser. The pistol grip provides the user with comfort while the dispenser allows for consistent application precision. Simply squeeze the trigger, apply a little pressure, and swipe for quick application.

When you use a pistol grip label applicator in your warehouse, you can rest assured that your packaging and shipping processes will increase in productivity and performance as more and more packages are labeled and shipped appropriately to their destination.

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