Impact, Tilt, Damage & Temperature Indicators

Fragile and sensitive products are not solely liquids or gels – they can be breakable goods that have the potential of shattering on impact. For many fragile items, the impact of being dropped can be more damaging than that of being tipped too far. So, instead of using damage tilt indicators for your package, shipping impact indicators may be applied to determine whether there may be concealed damage to the product.

Impact and Damage Indicators at LPS Industries

Similar to tilt indicators, impact and damage indicators are special labels placed on the outside of goods and packages that will indicate if they’ve been impacted or dropped with an unacceptable level of force. We have three types of shipping impact indicators at LPS – Shockwatch impact and tilt products, Drop N Tell warning labels, and DropSpot impact indicators.

Shockwatch Impact and Tilt Products

Shockwatch impact and tilt products will sense if a package is handled improperly and turn bright red to indicate any concealed damage. There are five label variations that will each react to a different level of impact force. Which you choose depends on the dimensions and weight of the package.

Drop N Tell Warning Labels

Drop N Tell warning labels are slightly different in that they measure whether a container experiences a shock exceeding a specified range of G force. They are available in six different G ranges and can be reset up to 50 times, making them perfect for continued use.

DropSpot Impact Indicator

DropSpot impact indicators will turn bright red when it senses that a package has been improperly handled. These indicators are also bidirectional, making it simple to assess and detect the damage upon opening the package. There are three DropSpot models differentiated by color that each reacts to a different force level. The size and weight of the package will determine which model to use.