The mounting location of a DropSpot Label is important to ensure that the indicator properly detects mishandling and impact.

DropSpot Impact Indicators are designed to detect and record mishandling of goods during transit.


Placement is in upper right corner of box.

  1. Mount the DropSpot Impact Indicator on a structurally sound location of the container. The mounting location should have minimal flexibility.
  2. Mount the DropSpot Impact Indicator 24 in (60.96 cm) from the bottom of the package / pallet.
  3. When the length of the shipment is twice the width, use two DropSpot Impact Indicators. Place the indicators on opposite sides of the container diagonally across from each other.

ALERT STICKERS: Every carton of 25 DropSpot indicators also contains 25 Alert Stickers. Place the Alert Sticker on the bill of lading as a reminder to receivers to check the DropSpot indicator immediately upon arrival.