All Purpose Masking Tape

When you’re packaging light-duty boxes for shipping, you’ll still need a sealant that ensures that the contents being shipped remain secure and intact. Featuring curl-resistant backing and high-tack adhesive, LPS Industries’ all-purpose masking tape is perfect for these light-duty packaging applications.

Equipped with 24lb tensile strength, this all-purpose masking tape also lifts easily, making it ideal for additional applications other than just sealing packages for shipping. Gentle enough to use on painted surfaces, this tape works extremely well for masking products that require painting.

If you need a reliable splicing tape that will hold and join new rolls of material with ease, this is the tape for you. Streamline your manufacturing process and introduce our all-purpose masking tape as your new splicing tape which is sure to get the job done.

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Operating as a leader in the flexible packaging industry, LPS Industries provides customers with the very best custom-engineered packaging solutions and industrial packaging supplies. From shipping boxes and placards to cushioning materials and all-purpose masking tape, the quality remains consistent and top-notch.

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