Bulk Mailing Tubes

Businesses and individuals all around the world are shipping larger flexible documents where it is imperative that they arrive safely and securely. Quite often, mailing tubes are considered the best way to ship these documents.

Types of Mailing Tubes

Depending on the sensitivity of the documents that must be shipped and the required ease of access to said documents, you may wish to choose one packing mailing tube over the other. At LPS we provide both labor-saving cardboard mailing tubes and secure plastic end cap mailing tubes to accommodate our customers’ various needs.

Labor-Saving Crimped Cardboard Mailing Tubes

These shipping tubes are perfect for those who need a speedy shipping method. Pop in your posters, graphics, or documents, crimp the ends together, and you’re set. Simply by using these packing mailing tubes, you may be saving valuable packing time! Manufactured from rigid cardboard, these shipping tubes will withstand any folding or bending, keeping the contents safe.

Secure Plastic End Cap Mailing Tubes

When you need a little extra security for sensitive documents or higher protection from the elements, we recommend opting for these secure plastic end cap mailing tubes. Just like our crimped mailing tubes, these shipping tubes are constructed rigidly to resist any bending or folding. In addition, they are equipped with plastic end caps to provide extra protection, which also conveniently double as a surface for writing on.

Choose LPS Industries for Your Packing Mailing Tubes

Whether you only need to purchase shipping tubes or need more shipping options, LPS industries can help. With more than 60 years of experience providing professional shipping systems and materials, our lineup consists of far more than just shipping tubes. From corrugated shipping boxes, labels, and mailers, to envelopes, protective wrap, and cushioning material, we’ve got you covered.